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It’s been so long! August 16, 2009

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Is anyone out there?
I can’t remember the last time I wrote, probably the new year. But I’m going to try and blog a little more.
So much is changing in my life right now. Things I didn’t see coming and things that are just natural process. It’s a whole new experience.


I love Sunday’s… March 1, 2009

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It really is the best day of the week for me! Here’s a little bit of awesome from today!!!

“I’m never going to make you fall, I’m always here…” January 23, 2009

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Thursdays are my offical favorite day of the week.
I have been saying it for two weeks now, and I know it sounds silly. Because most peoples favorite days are Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Thursday is my favorite day because I am off from work, I have my favorite class on Thursday nights and its the day that the stress of the week really starts to wear off.

So many things are changing and have changed and I keep thinking about everything that is different this time one year ago and its been tough at times and there are places in my life I never thought I would be but I am starting to realize even with the stress of life and how upset I get sometimes when I think about everything that wrong to much, I am still really happy with were things are. I mean, for the most part I am healthy, things are going well with school for this semester, and I have a job which means I have income and can pay the bills. Sure there are things that need work but is there ever anything that doesnt need work?
2009 can be a great year if I let it be, and thats what I am trying to do, I grew so much last year that being back in more than one classroom where I can say things and voice my opinion I realize just how much I have changed, I am not the quiet little girl I used to be, the changes I think are for the good my own that is. I am starting to realize recently that I don’t think I am ever going to decide what I truly want to be because there are just so many things the most recent thing I was thinking was that I could work in church ministry and teach ethics both part time since neither is the most well paying job. I know what some of church ministry is like though and I am convienced its not a part time job. I don’t know, I want to do so much with life, but do I really need to plan it out now. I have goals that do no pertain to what I want to do in life as a carrer I have goals for life that are things I want to accomplish. Does that make sense? My goals in life aren’t make a movie, or direct an hour of television, my goals in life are get a degree, in something anything by a certain time. I couldnt list the things I want to do with life the experiences I want to have on here, I dont think I could even make a list becuase there are so many things I want to do that I wouldnt be able to remember them all at once.

I am wondering how this entry started out with talking about how Thursday is my favorite day and ended up with this long drug on story of things I want to do with my life….

“Be The Change” January 19, 2009

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Cool videos, about pledging to do things for America.

One from celebrities, in the suppport of backing our new president of the US. The other Starbucks challenge to pledge 5 hours of volunteer work this year for a free tall coffee.
The respective addresses are next:



MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

New Year, New Plans January 3, 2009

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Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year, and hope everyone had a great holiday season. With everything that is going on in life and work right now, I am going to try and write more often. Blogging is such a great tool of communication and getting people connected to other things.
I am looking forward to everything that is coming with 2009, especially with how long and hilly, 2008 was. It seems as though many people are looking forward to putting it behind them, as the past does belong in the past I intend to do the same as well.
This year brings so new responibilities as well as new and exciting challenges that I have not face yet. ALong with my normal jobs at the church currently I will also begining working with the internet campus of our church on a weekly basis, I look forward to getting to come up with exciting new ideas and growing that campus with the other I get to work with. This year will be our first full year in a completed building, with new facilities upstairs and an exciting new children auditorium downstairs.

Along with the excitement of my church job does come challenges as I am facing now in my secular job, I love what I get to do, and the people I get to serve everyday however with any job it has its difficult times. I stick through why I can, I am lucky to have a job in these trying times.

School starts next week, and I am looking forward to that more than anything since last semester I only had one class. It keeps me away from the two places I spend the most time in so its a nice change of pace. Also it will give me the chance to make some new friends, which is difficult since I work so much.
2009 is going to be such an exciting year, putting all the bad and hurtful things that was 2008 behind me. I’m looking forward to what this year has in store.